Jedidiah Esposito

Hi, I’m Jed.

Product Education & L&D Leader, Developer Education, HR & Leadership | PMP | A-CSM | AWS:SA | MIITP CITPNZ

🎓 Learning and development professional with 16+ years of experience, driven by a passion for innovation and a learner-centric approach.

Hi, I'm Jedidiah, a seasoned learning and development specialist who is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations unlock their potential. Over the past 16 years, I've worked in:

🔹 Instructional design

🔹 Program management

🔹 Technical curriculum development

…across various industries, including Amazon, Okta, and higher education.

Colleagues have described me as someone who:

✅ "Has a knack for focusing on the right thing at the right time"

✅ "Is always pushing the boundaries of innovation in learning design"

My expertise in learning theories, strategies, and frameworks has been recognized by peers as a valuable asset, and I'm known for my creative problem-solving abilities.

In my work, I focus on creating engaging and enjoyable learning experiences that bridge the gap between people, ideas, and technology. My commitment to putting learners first and my ability to "untangle ambiguous, complex content and transform it into engaging and effective learner experiences" has been key to my success in various roles.

As a potential Head of Learning, Director of Learning & Development, or Head of Product Enablement, I bring a collaborative leadership style and strong technical skills to any team. I look forward to connecting and exploring how we can work together to shape the future of learning within your organization. 🚀