Jedidiah Esposito


Auth0 Labs


Scrum Leader

Instructional Designer






Working with tenants lab

Working with SPA Apps lab

Here are two of the latest (at the time of writing) iterations of our interactive labs for learning the Auth0 product. All together there are more than 15 labs in this format. I worked with a very small team to iteratively transform these labs from a written set of instructions into a format that walks developers of any level, using any machine, through integrating Auth0 with a sample application. As our team was small, I wore many hats. In some aspects I was a product owner, and in others, a designer and developer. I even led scrum for a while. Aside from being able to directly impact the learning experience, I really enjoyed getting to paired program with our senior developer on these. I learned a TON. To complete a lab, learners need only a computer with a modern web browser, a Github account, and an Auth0 account.